2019 Cheerleaders

2019 Cheerleaders
Congratulations to all who tried out this year!  Thank you for your hard work and dedication.  We're looking forward to a great 2019 season of AMS Cheer!

We look forward to seeing you at our MANDATORY SO YOU MADE IT MEETING on Tuesday, April 2nd (room 222). 

Fittings begin promptly at 5:00 PM.
Parent and Cheerleader Information Meeting at 
6:00 PM.

7th Grade
Kelly B.
Brooke E.
Ava F.
Courtney G.
Natalie H.
Lillian J.
Natalie J.
Chloe K.
Abigail M.
Payton M.
Rebecca M.
Mariah M.
Mayleen N.
Addison R.
Laila W.
Madison W.
Emma W.

8th Grade
Alyson A.
Delaney D.
Hailey F.
Adelyn H.
Kieren H.
Lucy H.
Hallie K.
Bailey L.
Wendy L.
McKenzi M.
Alanah O.
Summer P.
Alyssa P.
Avery S.
Abigail S.
Chloe T.
Makea W.

Isabella R.

Sofia D.R.

NISD Cheerleading Guidelines page 5: The judges' decisions are final.  All judging rubrics and scores will be shredded immediately after the scores are totaled and ranked at the tryout. The campus administration will only retain the candidate rankings for 5 school days following the tryouts. A parent/guardian may request to see their student’s rank by contacting a campus administrator within the 5 day time limit. Please note: parents/guardians may only see their child’s rank.  The results may not be appealed beyond the campus level.