AVID is a program designed to prepare students in the middle, who have the potential and desire, to attend a four-year college. AVID is not a remedial program. We are looking for students who are capable of succeeding in at least one Pre-AP course, but may need this support system to reach their potential.

AVID is a program aimed at helping to build academic success in high school, college, and beyond. We focus on building skills including:

  • Note taking
  • Organization
  • Analysis/ Critical Thinking
  • Group Collaboration
  • Self-Advocacy

Students in AVID know college is in their future and are independently motivated to succeed in academics but may need help in building skills like learning how to voice where they are confused in an assignment.

In addition to focusing on classroom skills, students will have the opportunity during the school year to visit a college campus.


Students in AVID are expected to:

  • Enroll in the AVID class for the entire 2020-2021 school year.
  • Take focused notes in all of their core subjects as required by AVID.
  • Keep an AVID binder and carry it daily.
  • Maintain good attendance and be punctual for all of my classes.
  • Complete all assignments on time.
  • Act in as a leader on campus at Adams.
  • Maintain a grade higher than a 70 in all classes each 9 weeks.
  • Be enrolled in at least one Pre-AP course

    Application Process/Links and Key Dates 

    1. All students must fill out a formal application using your Northwest ISD email information by January 29, 2021.   APPLY HERE 
    2. Students must get recommendations from their current teachers. These recommendations must be submitted electronically to Mr. Bloss by February 5, 2021. To help you, Mr. Bloss has created an email for you to send to your teachers asking them for a recommendation. TEACHER RECOMMENDATION FORM  
    3. Students with completed applications AND teacher recommendations will be contacted for interviews to happen during the school day in late February 2021. 
    4. Students will be notified of their acceptance to AVID later in the spring of 2021. 
    5. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Bloss at brian.bloss@nisdtx.org