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Leo Adams was a mayor of Justin and also a founding member of Northwest ISD, serving on the district’s school board from the outset. He served on the board at the same time as V.R. Eaton, and the Adams and Eaton families remain close to this day. The naming committee recommended “Adams” not only for the service of Leo Adams to the Northwest ISD community, but also because of this close family link and the proximity between the new middle school and Eaton High School.

As the mayor of Justin for more than 10 years, Mr. Adams was an integral part of Northwest ISD’s foundation as a school district in 1948, when multiple smaller school districts – in Haslet, Justin, Rhome and Roanoke – joined together. He personally made multiple trips to meet legislators in Austin to aid in the joint establishment of the district.

Mr. Adams served multiple terms on the Northwest ISD Board of Trustees, including serving as board president. Without his involvement, it is unlikely the district would exist today, and he also helped steer its formative years after its creation.

In his professional life away from politics, Mr. Adams was the owner of Justin Lumber Company, where he built more than 300 buildings in the area, including homes, churches and banks.

On a personal level, the Adams and Eaton families were so close that one of Mr. Adams’ daughters, Jeannine, married the son of V.R. Eaton, Roy, providing symbolism for the schools’ close proximity.