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The Role of the Cheerleader

"The role of the cheerleader demands that he/she be able to 'lead'.  This leadership is displayed not only on the sideline but also in the classroom and community.  The coach should strive to develop good leadership skills in all the cheerleaders on his/her team.  This personal development takes much time and effort, but the results will be evident.  Cheerleading is a fantastic way for young people to develop skills that will last a lifetime." 


If you have any questions please reach out to Mary Reese for the 2022-2023 season.

Congratulations to the 2022-2023 AMS Cheer team!

Thank you to everyone who helped with making tryouts for the 2022- 2023 cheerleading season happen. All candidates did an excellent job! We are so proud of all of you. Congrats to the following candidates for making the 2022- 2023 AMS Cheerleading Squad. 

2022- 2023 Cheerleaders; Alphabetical order by 1st names.
A’Miya Averhart
Addie Hill
Annie Harris
Brooklyn Steele
Elizabeth Darcangelo
Emmrie Smith
Francesca del-Aguila
Hailey Murillo
Hailey Ricker
Harper Brewster
Hayden Dougherty
Juliet Thompson
Kayla Ulrich
Lillian Allfree
Lilly Rae Reynolds
Lily Williams
Logan Burnham
Madison Burr
Madison Allen
Mariah Cerda
Marley Colson
Mikaela Naccarato
Peyton Hawkins
Sadie Anzaldua
Stephanie Bailey
Samantha Mwamba